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Are you curious about the game that has taken the world by storm? Have you dabbled a little on the internet? Would you like to take up a new interest?

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We also have an advice page for those who know the basics of the game but want to know a little more about winning strategies.

Our Royal Flush Club

Every poker player wants to get a Royal Flush. They are very rare and have happened eight times with Phoenix Pub Poker. To celebrate these occasions, we have a page to record the big ones.

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Our usual prize pool is around £200 per event


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Phoenix Pub Poker Seasons:

Our seasons throughout the year from the 1st day of March, June, September and December

Spring:      March to May

Summer:   June to August

Autumn:    September to November

Winter:      December to February

Phoenix Pub Poker proudly works with UKAPP (UK Amateur Pub Poker) in arranging occasional events that provide the opportunity to play with others from pub venues for reasonable and affordable stakes. These events are always popular, well attended and played in great spirit.

Spring 2019 season’s bonus points weeks

There will be two Bonus Points Weeks in the Spring Season. The first will be on first Mondays April and May. Fifty percent additional points will be awarded at those events. Anyone playing their Joker options at these tournaments will be playing for double points (not a multiplier of the Bonus Points number).


We stage first class low stakes Texas Hold’em poker tournies in Sussex.

Join in the fun with us.

Bruncak beats 20 and Bazzer’s 88 run

The result of the heads up on April 15 looked a dead certainty for Dan Bruncak who had an 80:20 dominance in stack sizes against Barry Rebuy Freeman, but his cards went dead for about 20 hands including consecutive pocket eights for the man from 88A. Parity had been restored during that period, but pocket queens for the fisherman flopped a set for Dan and Bazzer continued to bet with his middle pair of sevens. £80 winnings went to Dan, £60 to Barry, £40 to Orlando Lopez and £20 to Sam Beaumont. Our bubble was Bob Davidson.

Winfield wins again against eighteen

James’s hot run continues with a fifth cash placing in six tournaments during the Spring 2019 season. This time he took home £62 on a three way deal with the joint second placings, Peter Metcalfe and Dan Bruncak taking £50 each. In fourth was Lisa Menezes winning £18. The bubble on our April 8 was Joe Winter.

Callum Scott makes a fine April Fool

Our April 1 tournament’s final action was dealt by Callum Scott, who could not resist a slice of the winning photo!