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Are you curious about the game that has taken the world by storm? Have you dabbled a little on the internet? Would you like to take up a new interest?

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We also have an advice page for those who know the basics of the game but want to know a little more about winning strategies.

Our Royal Flush Club

Every poker player wants to get a Royal Flush. They are very rare and have happened eight times with Phoenix Pub Poker. To celebrate these occasions, we have a page to record the big ones.

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Our usual prize pool is around £200 per event


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Phoenix Pub Poker Seasons:

Our seasons throughout the year from the 1st day of March, June, September and December

Spring:      March to May

Summer:   June to August

Autumn:    September to November

Winter:      December to February

Winter 2019/20 season’s bonus points weeks

There will be two Bonus Points Weeks in the Winter Season. The first will be on first Mondays January and February. Fifty percent additional points will be awarded at those events. Anyone playing their Joker options at these tournaments will be playing for double points (not a multiplier of the Bonus Points number).

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Nick runs hot at start of Winter Season

Looking for a Christmas tournament?

Join us at The Avenue Bridge Club on Mondays December 23 and December 30.

Happy Holidays to all poker players.

December 2 saw a single handed heads up with chip leader’s pocket fours  beating the contender’s A3 in an all in clash.Nick Jeffery won £65 for his efforts, Roly Holas £39 and Daryl Hitchings £26. Our bubble was Dean Ghasemi. Nick had opted to play his season’s joker in its first game so has instantly got a commanding lead through getting 50% more points than normal. We’ll see if he’s still at the top at the end of February.

Three way split & 4th takes Autumn title

Our final tournament of Phoenix Pub Poker’s Autumn 2019 season, played on November 25 saw 19 players do battle. A cagey top table saw Dan Bruncak, Jess Guy and Steve Bellingham share the spoils of £57 each after Jonno Cook busted fourth with £19. The blinds had reached 30k/60k and there was no clear leader at that stage, so a deal was sensible. Our bubble was Beccy Williams, who had approached top table as the chip monster.

Jonno’s fourth place meant he leapfrogged Joe Winter and Rosario Graziona into top league placing, the other two having early baths.

The final league table can be viewed here, but of note

Jonno Cook - Overall League and Grand Master

Alexander Kollari Turner - Shiftworker title for first six games and Top Young Pretender

Rosario Graziona - Inbetweeners’ title and most top tables

Joe Slap Head Winter - Highest cash winnings of £266 and most kills (21)

Use your joker this season

All players, after playing three times with us can play their joker once a season. This gives them 50% more league points than normal. If they opt for it in a  season’s Bonus Points week (which also awards 50% more), they play for double points (100% more). Players must declare their intentions before playing the first hand of a tournament and if they have not played their Joker option by the season’s final week and are in attendance at that event, a joker will automatically be applied to their score.

We stage first class low stakes Texas Hold’em poker tournies in Sussex.  Join in the fun with us.