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Are you curious about the game that has taken the world by storm? Have you dabbled a little on the internet? Would you like to take up a new interest?

Phoenix Pub Poker appreciates that sitting at a live poker table for the first time can be a little daunting, click here to find out how we help you.

We also have an advice page for those who know the basics of the game but want to know a little more about winning strategies.

Our Royal Flush Club

Every poker player wants to get a Royal Flush. They are very rare and have happened eight times with Phoenix Pub Poker. To celebrate these occasions, we have a page to record the big ones.

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Our usual prize pool is around £200 per event

Winter 2018/19 LEAGUE TABLES

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Phoenix Pub Poker Seasons:

Our seasons throughout the year from the 1st day of March, June, September and December

Spring:      March to May

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Phoenix Pub Poker proudly works with UKAPP (UK Amateur Pub Poker) in arranging occasional events that provide the opportunity to play with others from pub venues for reasonable and affordable stakes. These events are always popular, well attended and played in great spirit.

Winter 2018/19 season’s bonus points weeks

There will be two Bonus Points Weeks in the Winter Season. The first will be on first Mondays January and February. Fifty percent additional points will be awarded at those events. Anyone playing their Joker options at these tournaments will be playing for double points (not a multiplier of the Bonus Points number).

We stage first class low stakes Texas Hold’em poker tournies in Sussex. Join in the fun with us.


Learn bridge in a weekend!

Have you ever wanted to try out bridge? It’s one of THE best card games you can play, but until now, it has meant a commitment to many months of lessons before rolling up your sleeves and actually playing. That’s all changed with a new course developed by experts to get you going within a weekend! There are two weekend courses running in Hove details can be downloaded here.

Bridge is a whist based, trick taking game, similar to Hearts, which many computers have pre loaded. Many people claim that it is the king of card games! And yes, poker players, certain forms of bridge can involve betting!

Bazzer hits killer form on top table

February 11 saw 18 players do battle at the Avenue Bridge Club, one third of whom were female. It’s a great testament to our group that women repeatedly return to our good natured evenings.

Barry Rebuy Freeman ran amok with his dominant stack on top tabe busting five players, having already got three scalps to his name in the earlier stages. The heads up against John Gaughan was a brief affair, after Lisa Menezes had busted third. Jonno Vulture Cook had made too many iffy button raises and fell to a superior Bazzer call in fourth (holding his favourite A8). Our bubble was Sandie Cresdee.

An early exit for Peter Burdett, courtesy of Lisa, meant that the league points of the top places have closed a little and there’s much to fight for over the closing two weeks of the season.

Twenty players on Bonus Points night

Our £200 pot was split four ways when the blinds reached 15k/30k with Peter Burdett, James Winfield, Jack Thompson and Jonno Cook taking home £50 each on February 4. Again it was a generous deal offer from Peter, as like the previous week, was the chip monster at this stage. We now have a new league leader, as the incumbent, Sam Beaumont took an early bath in busting 18th. As we enter the final three weeks of the season, Peter will be the one to catch!And don’t think that an early rebuy cancels out his chances of winning. He provided some corker bad beats on the way to the money this evening, for example two sixes on the turn an river ousted Sam Dixon’s AK, after the picture hit the flop!

The contrasting tale of two Peters

Our two Peters, Messrs Burdett and Metcalfe, chopped the heads up pot on January 28 after getting to the final leg in starkly contrasting styles.

Peter Burdett used his add on very early in the evening (in the second round of blinds) and called his way to near oblivion, at one stage having barely 5K of his 40k stack left. His mid session was highly profitable, assasinating three players, Barry Freeman, Milo Lopez and Kathy Pitt and by the time he reached top table his chip stack was powerful. Another five executions at the closing stages of the event added the scalps of Jonno Cook, Claire Newman, Lisa Meneres and Dan Bruncak to his tally with a series of loose calls and low rank pushes (all hitting).

In contrast, Peter Metcalfe took a more conservative approach, mainly folding, but taking two early heads including Callum Scott and Rosario Graziano.Catherine Diffey and Nick Jeffery were later hits.

Richard Behling cashed in third and Dan Bruncak fourth with new player, Lisa Meneres bubbling.