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April 2017 news

Lee Negus came back from a three year absence to win a three table event on April 24. He delivered five kills on the top table with the final coup de grâce against Nick Jeffery. Also in the money were Sam Beaumont and Michael Dodds, the latter winning an Easter egg for busting Louis Mockett.

Jane’s eggstatic with Easter success

It was like a Ladybird book story with a difference on April 17. Peter and Jane (Woodcock and Davidson respectively) battling out the heads up after dispatching a field of 21 players. The final kill went to Jane with 89 of diamonds, hitting a flush against Pete’s pair.

Also in the money were James Winfield, Matt Johnson and Eden Cragg.

& on the seasonal theme...Hot Cross bust outs

Hot cross bun consolation prizes were on offer for early busts for the Easter event. Left to Right... Orlando Lopez 21st, Joe Slap Head winter 15th, Lewis Coleman 12th, Barry Rebuy Freeman 11th, Jonno Vulture Cook 10th and Barry Leadbetter 8th.

Everything ran hot for our own Teddy KGB

April 10 saw our Teddy KGB sound and lookalike hit every draw possible with a dream stream of luck. Maybe he had a pack of Oreos for his tea. Flushes galore, the odd straight and low pairs making sets were the order of the day.

Congratulations Dan Bruncak! In second Matt Johnson and third Sam Oversock Beaumont. On the bubble was Orlando Lopez.

Yet another top table for league leader Peter Woodcock put him in fine fettle for the rest of the season, especially after another early bath for Jonno Vulture Cook.

We play next on Easter Monday, be prepared for seasonal chocolate delights in the prize pool.

Pooles win for our Spring 2018 Final

Callum Pooles took our quarterly title on Sunday, April 2, heads up against our Winter final winner. Callum started with a base stack to pull through to the wiining position. Sam Beaumont, the league winner came third. Another fun tournament played in great spirit. On the bubble was Jonno Cook.

One victory, eight kills and a crucial dodgy deal makes it a great night for The Coach

Peter The Coach Woodcock consolidated his league lead in bonus points week with a second victory of the season. Not only that, he managed to deal his nearest rival pocket kings when big blind was holding aces, mortally wounding Jonno’s stack.

The heads up was a brief affair of a couple of hands, with Pete’s Jacks eliminating Cleaver. In third was Nick Jeffery and fourth Sam Beaumont. Our bubbler was Callum Scott. Unusually for Pete, he had quite a killing spree with eight assassinations during the tournament.

Lee Negus returns in stunning form