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April 2018 news

We stage first class low stakes Texas Hold’em poker tournies in Sussex.   Join in the fun with us.

Loadsamoney for Kit

Our Easter Monday Bonus Points event was bagged by Kit Honton. Already league leader, Kit consolidated his ranking by Mark White in the heads up, with Milo Lopez in third. Our bubble was Den Foster, who was unfortunate in getting his jacks busted on his final hand.

Kit’s string of kills during the event also meant he has overtaken Dan Bruncak in the top assassination count.

Joy for Milo Lopez with a flopped ace

RIP Bert Mitchell - engineer and card player

Tributes to our true gentleman of the green beige have poured into our Facebook group to Bert who passed away over the Easter weekend. Our photo celebrates his win on December 19, 2016 when we had a pre Christmas Irish poker  tournament in which he could not put a foot wrong. Such a nice way to start the seasonal celebrations for him. Ill health prevented him from playing from February 2017 onwards, but he occasionally hosted kitchen games at home.

In his younger years, Bert was an accomplished bridge player, but as his card memory started to fail him, he took up Texas Hold’em, playing regularly in pub poker leagues with The Weekly Poker Club at Corals, The Avenue Poker League and Phoenix Pub Poker in later times. Sometimes he ventured to Brighton’s casinos for a game.

An engineer by trade, he was on the team that designed one of the Dungeness nuclear power stations and continued to consult EDF well past his retirement when that facility was being decommissioned.

 An unconventional player, he loved the companionship of our events, often with a small rum in hand. At one event, after unusually having a second tot of rum, Bert managed to deal a second flop of three cards rather than the more usual single turn card.


Titanic heads up ends in Sam victory

Well done Milo Lopez for beating Jonathan Cook in the April 9 heads up. A series of spicy hands resulted in him overcoming a major chip disadvantage to eventually win. Jonno’s turned straight was out done by a rivered flush in the main stack turnaround. Jonno bit back gradually into Milo’s advantage and when the stacks were level, Jonno pushed with pocket sevens. After considerable deliberation, Milo called with A7, hitting the ace on the flop.

Third place went to league leader Kit Hinton, who was gifted a double up in the first hand of the night against B.B. Dave Armstrong. Our bubble was Orlando Lopez.

A long final leg on April 16 started with Sam Oversock Beaumont having a significant chip advantage over Jonno Vulure Cook. He was unable to dent Sam’s advantage and after several reraised moves that had to be folded, he pushed with A8, being called by Sam’s pocket sixes.

Both players were running hot in the earlier phases of the tournament, getting straights, beating superior pocket pairs (especially Kit’s pocket aces).

In third was Rosario Graziano, making the money for the first time at our venue and on the bubble, Tom Murray.