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August 2017 news

Czech mate for Nika and Harry is champion

Nika Butlaova won the final tournament of our Summer 2017 season with a win against 19 players at the Avenue Bridge Club. Pictured here is Nika left with Hana Lucanova who bust earlier in the event.

Nica is partner of local poker pro, Sam James, who started his illustrious career on our tables.

It was an unconventional route to victory, entering the final eight as chip leader but rapidly declining her dominance in the latter stage of the event. In second was Orlando Lopez, third Eden Cragg, fourth Tony Roberts and on the bubble, the previous week’s winner, Joe Murray.

The result means that the late Harry Mutter won most of the titles on the season, including Overall League, Inbetweeners, Shiftworkers and shared the tournaments won trophy. The full season’s results can be found here.

RIP Our Harry - awesome player & lovely guy

Harry Mutter, our league leader, sadly passed away on Monday, August 7. Harry looked forward to playing with us on a weekly basis, winning two tournaments in the last few weeks. He was one of our stars in bringing a fantastic personality to the poker room, never short of witty comments and was genuinely universally popular.

Harry played with us 66 times. During his early visits he bust early, but he took note, listened to advice, acted upon it and learned fast to swim with the sharks.

We will be creating a tribute trophy to Harry, which will be our top award for each season.

Harry’s funeral was held on Thursday, August 31, 16:15hrs at Southampton Crematorium. The order of service is attached here, including a poem about him by Claire and Nikki.

Several players attended the funeral service and we took a bouquet representing the colours of the rainbow and the Summer Season’s final leage sheet with a hearts royal flush attached here.

There’s a Harry’s Forever 21 party to celebrate his life and perconality at The Good Companions pub on the Seven Dials in Brighton on Saturday, August 9 from 19:00hrs. Wear something colourful and be prepared for cheesey disco classics.

Sales sore for Bazzer’s poker book (deliberate spelling error)

They don’t happen often, but Barry ‘Rebuy’ Freeman wins usually come in short bursts, we have just suffered one of those periods with Bazzer getting top spot on July 31 and August 7. Things will return to normality soon.

Sales of Barry’s book has out sold all poker literature on Amazon this week. If you want a signed copy, just ask Barry at the Bridge Club (although rumour has it the unsigned opies are worth more).

Did I Win? Inside the mind of a poker genius! will be followed soon by Bazzer’s Contract Bridge book called Ace on the river.

Joe Murray delights at his first Phoenix win

Joe Murray beat a 23 player field to win our August 14 event, heads up against Louis Iceman Mockett, with Dennis Foster coming third and Dave Chimp Armstrong fourth. On the bubble was Nick Jeffery

Joe’s final hand of the night was the second worst starting hand in Hold’em, 83!  Two pairs on the flop and an eight on the turn gave him a full house!

Well done Joe! Those long cycle rides from Lancing are worthwhile.

Two top tablers at the UKAPP Bracelet event

Six players from Phoenix Pub Poker entered the UKAPP event at Brighton’s Rendezvous Casino on August 19, Ryan Tanner and Milo Lopez cashed and Jonno Cook was the bubble boy. Another good result  from 67 runners.

Nick smashes Pocket Queens with Jack Six

Nick Jeffery was in a long heads up with Dan Bruncak on August 21 after 18 other players had been eliminated. Nick pushed with J6 with just over half the chip total and wasinstantly called by The Fisherman holding QQ. A six on the flop and river gave Nick his victory. In third was Jonno Vulture Cook, fourth Edeb Cragg and on the bubble, Louis Iceman Mockett.