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August 2018 news

A blind call with 68 off suit, when the blinds were 20k/40k landed Sam Beaumont with a turned straight and put her back in the running in her heads up battle with the season’s league winner, Nick Jeffery. A double up after that put the chip stacks at more or less parity and a deal was done to share the first and second spoils of the August 27 tournament. Cashing in third was Callum Scott and fourth Josh Jones. Our bubble was Ryan Tanner.

Nick was league leader for most of the summer season, but was being chased hard by Sam in the closing weeks. Well played Nick. The final table is here.

Top three split remaining pot

The blinds were 20k/40k with 720k chips on the table and the three players each having around 240k chips each, an even deal, splitting the remaining prize three ways was agreed by new player, Josh Jones, Milo Lopz and Dan Bruncak. Sandie Cresdee had already taken fourth prize with Luke Austin bubbling.

It was the end of a busy three table tournament on August 20. The league leader bust before top table and his chaser, Sam Beaumont, closed the gap. All is to play for in the season’s final game next week.

As the blinds changed to 2k/4k, Tommy Stewart lost a massive pot and only had 5 x 1k chips sitting under the gun. His next move was a blind all in, which attracted business from four players. His all in delivered a straight and a nice quadruple up. This was the foundation of winning our August 13 event, after nearly busting in 12th place.

Tommy won £68 for his efforts, Kit Hinton £51, Den Foster £34 and Max Brown £17. Our bubble girl was Sandie Cresdee.

Jane blasts back from nowhere

Jane Davidson took top spot in our August 6 event, from being a chip minnow on a very loose table when there were six players left. She let the aggressors bust each other out and then achieved several double ups and a treble up, to become chip dominant when it got three way.

Our league leader, Nick Jeffery came second and new player, Ales Fulheczek third, with bubble boy being Jane’s dad, Bob Davidson.

Another win for Girl Power for the second week running.

Tommy is a five chip wizard

Summer’s best pair share final spoils