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August 2019 news

Bank Holiday Monday brings 27 runners

The man from 88A won £88

Anyone who has met Bazzer on the green beige will have soon found out three things, his fondness for pocket eights and ace eight because he lives at 88A. With 22 runners, the August 19 tournament had a top prize of £88, with £66 for second, £44 for third and £22 for fourth. All added incentive for Barry to pull off one of his rare wins. The event did not start well for him, having to use his add on chip fairly quickly and that second 20k of chips had soon eroded to less than 7K. But it was then the fight back started! Double up followed double up and when top table was reached he was in second chip ranking. He knocked out six of the top eight. Our bubble was Rama Rahimi, Billy Goldsmith came fourth, third Louis Mockett, who put a bar of Bounty on his head and Dan Bruncak second. Louis was playing his joker and this move put him into the league lead. There’s a lot to play for next week, the final session of our Summer 2019 season.

The night of twenty two - twenty two

Our Glorious 12th of August game started with 22 players and a pot of £220. The first hand on table one, rivered quad twos and had generated two 20k all ins from Will Coombe and Carol Burtenshaw, Will was behind until fifth street as Carol had flopped a full house. Jamie Cleaver, of 22-22 fame joined the party fashionably late and one of his first moves was an all in call with pocket twos against Jim Richardson’s tens. He flopped a set. Alas the pair was not as kind to Jonno, under the gun with 40k, with blinds 5k/10k, his all in push was called by Will’s AK and Anna Kournikova won. As predicted, Jamie Cleaver came fourth (see his £22 winnings next to his tattoo above), Barry Freeman third £44, Will Coombe, who entered the heads up with a stonking lead came second £66, and winner Dan Bruncak £88, making him the summer season’s top earner so far.  

Twenty six compete in August’s first game

The first three places of Aug 5’s £250 prize pool were split three ways with £75 taken by Dez Fry, Louis Mockett and Ed Lynham, with fourth placed James Armstrong taking £25. Our unfortunate bubble boy was Rosario Graziona. The results in Bonus Points Week have significantly closed the gap on the league leaders with Louis Mockett in a particularly rich run of recent form. The excess £10 stake will be donated to a charity of the players’ choosing. This ensures we keep within the spirit of the Licensing Laws.

August 5 final table action, clockwise from left, Dez Fry, Louis Mockett, James Arnstrong, Rosario Graziona, Ed Lynham and Sam Clements (back to camera) dealing.

The last tournament of our Summer 2019 season held on Monday, August 26 went to the 20k/40k blinds when the four remaining players, Jan Lievens, Peter Metcalfe, Sandie Cresdee and Dez Fry decided to split the £250 pot four ways £62.50 each. The excess prize pool of £20 (plus a £2.50 donation from one of the winners) will be donated to Children with Cancer (Polegate), who provide a great deal of support to Sandie’s grandchild Max. This enables us to comply with the spirit of the law relating to poker in clubs.

The night also decided the final league tables of the season with Louis Iceman  Mockett being Overall, Shiftworker and Inbetweener champion, Jonno Vulture Cook the Grumpiest Grand Master (also he yop tabled the most) and David Morgan-Bradley the best Young Pretender. Dan Bruncak won the most prize money in the season (£205), our most prolific assassin was Nick Jeffery with 16 kills and the table’s highest rated player based on points per game was Dez Fry with 7095. The table can be viewed here.