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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs

You may know nothing about the game, played a bit with mates or dabbled a bit on the internet. Every player remembers the first time they sat down at a proper poker table was a nerve racking experience. We do our utmost to help you cross that barrier.

The age of our players ranges from 18 to those in their 80s.

And some of best players are women. They are more patient and can read people better!

Newcomers to the game are made to feel very welcome and are tutored through their first few evenings to help them come to grips with the game.

Don’t worry that your are unfamiliar with the rules, how to bet etc. We help you through that process.

Typically they will be put next to an experienced player who will help them with their betting actions if that player is out of the hand. The other players are mature enough to realise this help is done in the best interest and fairness of the game.

You are made to feel welcome because new players are the lifeblood of any poker club.

Above all, you can come and learn a great game in a friendly environment where you will be paying just a fiver, rather than something that you perhaps could be uncomfortable with.

The people running our events are professional managers in their day jobs, used to developing people. They bring these core skill sets to these evenings to ensure that you get a great experience.

Poker can take a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. We promise to give you a good taster to start you on that journey. We will suggest safe strategies that will help you through your first evenings.

Our hosts really enjoy teaching the game to new players and letting them develop into great players. In some instances they have, within a few months become more adept at the game than their tutors.

Poker is as much a strategic game as chess. We will introduce those strategies in a gradual way in order to not overwhelm you. Yes, there is some luck in the game, but far less than you may imagine.

There is no better way to learn the game than to sit down and play. That is why there is no instructions on this website. If you feel that is a step too far, why not come to one our venues and sit with one of our experienced players who will show you what they are playing, why and when? And why not look at our advice page here?

If you have any questions please make contact via phone or email. Details here.

Beginners’ introduction to Phoenix Pub Poker

Further advice for players who know a little about the game, but want to improve their results in  tournament play: Click here.

Poker tuition in Hove

We regularly hold beginners’ tuition lessons at the Avenue Bridge Club. These are aimed at either complete novices or those who wish to improve their game. The sessions cost £3, are professionally taught and include reference notes. The evenings are run at a pace that suits the group and follow the following format: