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December 2016 news

Joey and Ryan in heads up battle

The first tournament of our Winter Season was won by Ryan Tanner, heads up with Joey Newman. Also in the money was Kit Hinton. This was a storming comeback for Joey whose AK two pairs ran into Nick Jeffery's set of aces with both being all in on about the third hand of the night. On the bubble for the evening was Peter Woodcock.

It’s time to party!

Our pre Christmas tournament on Monday, December 19 will be an ‘Anything but Hold’em’ evening consisting of event of a variety of games at the Avenue Bridge Club, including Irish poker and Omaha.

There will be no tournament on Monday December 26.

On Friday, January 27, Peter Woodcock is organising a Bah Humbug Bash at the Goldstone Ex Services Club in Shirley Street, Hove.

Another Toon is top of

the league

A nice £210 pot was on offer on December 12, with our resident Jordy and Newcastle United fan Norman Kwan (£73.50) and Daryl Hitchings (£73.50) sharing first and second spoils, Harry Mutter (£42) in third and Barry Leadbetter (£21) in fourth. A cruel bubble for Jamie Cleaver. (For later reference, Newcastle United were top of the Championship League, ahead of second placed Brighton and Hove Albion when this event was staged).

Bert raises a toast to his Omaha success

Phoenix Pub Poker players celebrated the Chrimbo Season with an ‘Anything But Hold’em’ evening on December 19. Two tournaments were played, one Irish Poker no limit (three hole cards with a compulsory discard of one after the flop) and one Omaha pot limit (four hole cards of which two must be used in the final hand). Barry Leadbetter won the first (Irish)after a heads up with Peter Woodcock and our octogenarian, Bert Mitchell, winning the Omaha. It was an evening full of crackers, chocolate, mince pies and seasonal jumpers.