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February 2017 news


Peter wins and Sam is crowned as champ

Our king of tight play bagged hs second victory of the our Winter Season in the final tournamet of the period with pocket kings! He was heads up against Nick Jeffery, who came second in consecutive weeks. In third was Sam Oversock Beaumont, who leapfrogged Jonno Vulture Cook’s league lead (Jonno had received an early bath, courtesy of Rob Scott) and in fourth, Callum Scott, having made the money again for a second week. On the bubble was James Winfield, who had fought bravely against Rob Scott on the second table.

A Stewards’ Enquiry is being held over the hiding of Jonno’s lucky pants, the first time he had not worn them at a poker table for 18 months!

Peter returns sanity to our card school

After the previous week’s Rob Scott shenanigans, a tight aggressive win by Peter Metcalfe demonstrated that a more considered approach to card play more frequently prevails. He was heads up against Orlando Lopez, initially with only 10% of the chips in play. An all in, where Orlando had hit two pair and Peter rivered a straight evened out the wealth. A few hands later, Orlando pushed with A2, called by Peter’s AK and the tournament was over, with the strongest hand holding.

In third place was James Winfield and fourth Ryan Tanner. On the bubble was Joe Conroy.

Rob Scott made a big impact before the top table, including dispatching league leader, Sam Beaumont’s AQ with 96 and second placed Jonno Cook’s pocket sixes with 4c3c, Jonno fliopped a set but Rob rivered a flush! But his luck ran out on the top table.

The results changed the tables significantly. Ryan Tanner had played his joker and has overtaken Jamie 9 Lives Cleaver in the Young Pretenders’ league and Peter Woodcock’s top table position means he is now the leading Grand Master.

Rob The Hitman Scott lived up to his poker name on February 6 giving an object lesson in the fact that occasionally an extremely loose aggressive style of play can play dividends. He beat a field of 19 players killing nine opponents on his way to success. Even in the heads up against Sam Oversock Beaumont, which he entered with only 30% of the chips, he flopped a straight after reraising Sam’s A6 with Q8. Peter Woodcock took third place and Daryl Hitchings fourth. The unfortunate bubble was Gordon 8man Davey, who pushed with pocket kings against Sam’s pocket eights. His number eight was not kind to Gordon this evening as Sam flopped a set and rivered quads.

After his victory, Rob said that he would like to dedicate his win to birthday boy Nick Jeffery who he had cruelly rivered early on the top table.

It was bonus points week and a very early bath for Jonno meant that the league lead is now Sam’s.  

Hitman rampage exterminates half the field

Callum’s last teenage kicks bring in the cash

Callum Scott spent his last night as a teenager playing in our February 20 tournament and came third in a packed three table event.

The night start eventfully with an Add-On required in the first hand required by Barry Freeman. Bazzer use his restored stack well and lasted until sixth place. The recipient of that early advantage was Gordon 8man Davey, who was the tournament’s eventual bubble boy (fifth).

Callum had not cashed in our events before and came third after playing a somewhat tighter strategy than normal. The heads up was between Jonno Vulture Cook and Nick Jeffery, with the former winning his third tournament of the season. Also in the prizes was Peter Woodcock coming fourth.

Happy 20th birthday Callum