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February 2019 news

Hats off to the end of our Winter Season

February 25 saw the culmination of the Winter 2018/19 season with 17 players battling for the final placings. The hats shown represent the last event’s winners who shared the top prize money £59.50 each to Peter Metcalfe and Barry Rebuy Freeman. The other prizes went to Dan Bruncak £34 and Sandie Cresdee £17, with Rosario bubbling.

The sickest hand of the season happened tonight involving Raul Sasaran and Orlando Lopez, competitive bidding put Raul all in, holding pocket aces with Orlando holding pocket sevens. The flop came A77!

The season’s final league table is here with Jonno Vulture Cook taking the Overall League points and the Grand Masters section, Catherine Diffey, the Shiftworkers’ League (first six games of the season), Sam Oversock Beaumont, the Inbetweeners’ title and Milo Lopez the top Young Pretender. Our top prize money earner was Peter Burdett, but the highest rated player (four games or more) was Peter Metcalfe, who had the highest return on stake investment of just over three times return on money. Our top assassin was Peter Burdett with 19 kills.

Three way split and new league leader

The blinds hit 10k/20k on February 18 and Nick Jefferybubbled, leaving Jonno Vulture Cook with 40% of the chips with the remaining split evenly between Kit Hinton and Rosario Graziano,a deal was offered by the chip leader and each took home £50 for their night’s graft.

The result means that there is a new league leader as the Winter 2018/19 Season enters its final tournament next week. Can Peter Burdett catch The Vulture? Both have Jokers to play. It will be a battle!

Bazzer hits killer form on top table

February 11 saw 18 players do battle at the Avenue Bridge Club, one third of whom were female. It’s a great testament to our group that women repeatedly return to our good natured evenings.

Barry Rebuy Freeman ran amok with his dominant stack on top tabe busting five players, having already got three scalps to his name in the earlier stages. The heads up against John Gaughan was a brief affair, after Lisa Menezes had busted third. Jonno Vulture Cook had made too many iffy button raises and fell to a superior Bazzer call in fourth (holding his favourite A8). Our bubble was Sandie Cresdee.

An early exit for Peter Burdett, courtesy of Lisa, meant that the league points of the top places have closed a little and there’s much to fight for over the closing two weeks of the season.

Twenty players on Bonus Points night

Our £200 pot was split four ways when the blinds reached 15k/30k with Peter Burdett, James Winfield, Jack Thompson and Jonno Cook taking home £50 each on February 4. Again it was a generous deal offer from Peter, as like the previous week, was the chip monster at this stage. We now have a new league leader, as the incumbent, Sam Beaumont took an early bath in busting 18th. As we enter the final three weeks of the season, Peter will be the one to catch!And don’t think that an early rebuy cancels out his chances of winning. He provided some corker bad beats on the way to the money this evening, for example two sixes on the turn an river ousted Sam Dixon’s AK, after the picture hit the flop!