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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs Phoenix Pub Poker

Fantastic Texas Hold’em poker tournaments for

just £13 an evening

Harbour View Spring 2012

Mile Oak Inn

Spring 2012

Royal George

Spring 2012

Poets’ Corner Spring 2012

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Assassins Spring 2012

Overall league

Spring 2012

Jason The Hat Southon’s five tournament wins at this ever popular venue meant that he had wrapped up the league by week 12 of the season. That did not stop 22 players trying to squeeze his lead in week 13!

The five wins in a season at one pub venue was a record for Phoenix pub poker and represented all of Jason’s top quartile finishes.

Special mention should also go to Luke The Beer Austin, for being the venue’s highest rated player from the six evenings that he attended.

Well played Jason

To see other players who have won this league, The Wall of Fame can be viewed here.

Harbour View league

Spring 2012








Jason The Hat Southon

Jonno Vulture Cook

Ken George

Rob The Hitman Scott

Dave Pursley

Luke The Beer Austin

John Wood

Nick Hall

Iain 6 2 Hay

Gordon 8Man Davey

Matt The Cranker Herridge

Jamie Faceman Hobson

Jay Pretty Boy Loudon

Omar Peralta

Micky Boyd

Jamie 9 Lives Cleaver

Lee Sticky Moment Mitten

Raquel Margo

Sam Oversock Beaumont

Paul Margo

Matt Gurr

Peter The Coach Woodcock

Dan ZT Papworth

Simon Sockman Beaumont

James Winfield

A N Other T S

Paul The Call Jones

Gavin Tanner


Carly McKenna


Ryan Baird

Nick Jeffery


John Bown

Grand Total

The above chart measures Jason’s quartile finish in each tournament. In a sixteen player event, a player finishing in the top four would be in Quartile 1, fifth to eighth Quartile 2, ninth to twelfth in Quartile 3 and thirteenth to sixteenth in Quartile 4.

For an ‘at a glance’ list of our league and other title winners please go to our Wall of Fame