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Interpreting our league tables

The league tables in this section of the website show more information than you will see in most pub poker leagues. This helps you track your performance against competitors in various ways.

For the sample table above, the left hand column indicates the player’s position in that league.

The Played column is the number of tournaments attended. This is sortable.

The Joker column indicates whether a player has played their Joker Points option. This entitles any player that has played three or more Phoenix Pub Poker events to opt to get 50% more points in a tournament. This can be applied to one event per season for each venue.

The Wins column is the number of tournament victories that season. Again this is sortable.

The Kills column indicates the number of opponents that the player has knocked out of tournaments. Another area that you can sort.

The league points is based on a calculation of the players exit position from a tournament and the number of players competing. This is the main league measure. For two weeks in a season, a slightly different points structure is applied as a bonus points week where 50% additional points are won. Points are normally awarded as follows:

A handy calculator table is shown at the base of this page.

The performance rating measures the player’s performance compared to others in the league. It removes any variances created by bonus points weeks and any Joker points played and applies an even measure to all tournaments played. The average performance rating for the entire league is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the table. A player only gets a performance rating after competing in four or more tournaments in a league. The rating is based on the numbers of players attending multiplied by following points structure: 360 for a win, 240 for second, 200 for third, 160 for fourth, 120 for fifth, 100 for sixth, 80 for seventh, 60 for eighth, 20 for ninth to 15th, ten for 16th to 20th and zero for 21st and lower.  

Pub name league

Season 20XX








Jim Brown

John White

Susan Scarlet

Dave Green

Belinda Blue

Tournament Placing









9th to 15th

16th to 20th

21st and lower

Base points

2 players

3 players

4 players

5 players

6 players

7 players

8 players

9 players

10 players

11 players

12 players

13 players

14 players

15 players

16 players

17 players

18 players

19 players

20 players

21 players

22 players

23 players

24 players

25 players

26 players

27 players

28 players

29 players

30 players

31 players

32 players

33 players

34 players

35 players

36 players

37 players

38 players

39 players

40 players

41 players

42 players

43 players

44 players

45 players

46 players

47 players

48 players

49 players

50 players

51 players

52 players