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January 2017 news

Jonno conquers 26 players with Jack Three

The infamous Cleaver hand J3 came good for The Vulture in the final heads up hand against first time player Jon Mortimer who had pocket twos. A three on the flop ended the 26 player tournament, with £100 collected by Jonno, £75 by Jon, £50 for Sam Beaumont and £25 for Daryl Hitchings. £10 was added to our charity pool to support Matt Boi’s London Marathon Run for Cancer Research. On the bubble was Eden Cragg and special mention should go to Harry Mutter for his killing spree in the mid stages of the tournament, executing five players on the trot! Bon Voyage to Milo Lopez who starts his world wide travels tomorrow, Thailand is first stop.

Orlando’s first win ...and with the Doyles!

Orlando Lopez celebrated the new year with his first win with Phoenix Pub Poker. He did it in style in the final hand of January 2nd’s tournament with ten two, the same holding that the infamous Doyle Brunson won the inaugral World Series of Poker in 1976 and again, with the same hand in 1977!

Second place for the evening went to Sam Beaumont and Milo Lopez in third.

On the bubble was Peter the Coach Woodcock, whose consistent performances over the season has put him in top spot in our league.


Two triumphs in three weeks for The Vulture

Four days after getting an Avenue Bridge Club all time record low score at bridge, The Vulture bit back with his second victory in three weeks at the game he knows best, Texas Hold’em. The icy cold and mist kept some players away on January 23, so we only had two tables in play. Second place was Ryan Tanner and third, Peter Woodcock. Our bubble girl was Sam Oversock Beaumont, whose dominant stack had suffered a bruising when her Big Blind pocket kings were busted by a Small Blind push by Peter Woodcock, holding 97, flopping an unlikely straight!  

The party where we went all ‘Strictly’

Phoenix poker players and their better halves put on their dancing shoes for a Bah Humbug bash at the Goldstone Club, Hove thanks to the brilliant organisation of Peter Woodcock.

He got most of us dancing the quickstep and barn dances in an evening that was also full of congas and Oops up side your heading.

There was also a pool competition, won by Gordon Davey and a quick round of Omaha after a few too many shots after a couple found some cards and chips.

Rumour has it that Callum even managed to fall into a hedge on the way home!

Nick is our Winter 2017 final winner

January 29 was our 21st quarterly final and was won by Nick Jeffery, heads up against Peter Metcalfe. These were the top two seeds that entered the event and Jay Loudon took the thrid prize. On the bubble was Jonno Vulture Cook.

Nick was in a chip dominating situation when he entered the event’s final phase, after being gifted a massive advantage by Jamie Cleaver early in the proceedings. The Vulture took several large bites out of that advantage, but did one reraise too many when we were down to four players.

Jay Loudon did a sterling job of eating into Nick’s 80% chip share after that, at one stage clawing from chip minnow to a slight lead. But Nick can’t resist a call and his A5 Loudon’s A6 push on the turn.

It was then Peter Metcalfe’s opportunity to have a go. He had sat quietly for most of the afternoon. Now was his chance to shine. A big tribute was that the heads up lasted for 15 minutes. He made some inroads into Nick’s lead, but his A7 ran into Nick’s AK.

Trophies from the Autumn 2017 season were presented, with Peter Metcalfe receiving the Barry Trophy (League winner) James Winfield the Rob Scott Trophy (top assassin) and Nick and Peter Woodcock sharing the most tournament wins.

This was the second time Nick has won our finals trophy, the first 12 months ago. To see our other winners, click here.

Cleaver wins and gains nine scalps

Jamie ran like a god on January 16, beating 20 runners at the Avenue Bridge Club, busting out nine on route to his victory.

Once the bubble had burst (Luso Katsonga being the unfortunate player to miss out on the money) the remaining players decided to split the prize pool four ways. They played on for the points with James Winfield coming second, Peter Woodcock third and Jon Mortimer fourth.

Sam applies Smurf Power to rule the roost

Sam Oversock Beaumont’s lucky card protector, Papa Smurf, looked after her well on the final table of our January 30 tournament. She entered the top table with around half the average stack, sat patiently and let the others get involved with the aggro. Her luck turned when her raise with aces was not believed by bubble boy Jon Mortimer.

In second place was Dan ZT Papworth and third Ryan Tanner.

The result creates an interesting end of season battle with Jonno for the league lead. There is only a narrow gap between them. Next week’s bonus points week could make a big difference.