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January 2019 news

The contrasting tale of two Peters

Our two Peters, Messrs Burdett and Metcalfe, chopped the heads up pot on January 28 after getting to the final leg in starkly contrasting styles.

Peter Burdett used his add on very early in the evening (in the second round of blinds) and called his way to near oblivion, at one stage having barely 5K of his 40k stack left. His mid session was highly profitable, assasinating three players, Barry Freeman, Milo Lopez and Kathy Pitt and by the time he reached top table his chip stack was powerful. Another five executions at the closing stages of the event added the scalps of Jonno Cook, Claire Newman, Lisa Meneres and Dan Bruncak to his tally with a series of loose calls and low rank pushes (all hitting).

In contrast, Peter Metcalfe took a more conservative approach, mainly folding, but taking two early heads including Callum Scott and Rosario Graziano.Catherine Diffey and Nick Jeffery were later hits.

Richard Behling cashed in third and Dan Bruncak fourth with new player, Lisa Meneres bubbling.

A Queen Jack shove which hit a straight against The Vulture’s pocket six call when both players were low chipped in the mid stages of our January 7 tournament was the tiurning point which counted in Sam Oversock Beaumont win of our first 2019 event. When the play was four ways, a Ryan Tanner push with AQ was called by big blind Sam holding AK, which hit another straight for her. Now with 580k chips of the 800k chips in play, the two remaining players, Peter Burdett and Milo Lopez struck a deal for their prize of £50 each, leaving Sam to take the £80 winner’s total. Fourth placed Ryan took £20. Our bubble was Joe Coghlin again. An early bath for Catherine Diffey meant that Sam is our New Year Number One!

One hot night for Dan Bruncak

The card Gods were smiling for Dan Bruncak on January 21 after a series of great breaks. Early in the tournament Dan’s A3 could not have performed better against Peter Burdett’s J8 when a flop of 883 turned a 3 and rivered a 3. Quads against full house and all of Peter’s first stack to boot. All credit to Peter, he used his add on to come third in the event. But that was not the only turning point for Dan, at top table, Jonno pushed his pocket jacks into Dan’s big blind when he was holding AA (the end of The Vulture’s night) and not long after, Louis Mockett made a similar move into Dan’s big blind and he was then holding KK.

We didn’t have a heads up, at three ways, with blinds 10k/20k, a KQ button push from Dan was called by Peter Burdett, holding Q4 and Ryan Tanner holding KJ. The better hand won on a 627,7,9 board.

Dan won £68, Ryan £51, Peter £34 and Catherine Diffey £17. Our bubble was Louis Very Little Helps Mockett.

Learn bridge in a weekend!

Have you ever wanted to try out bridge? It’s one of THE best card games you can play, but until now, it has meant a commitment to many months of lessons before rolling up your sleeves and actually playing. That’s all changed with a new course developed by experts to get you going within a weekend! There are two weekend courses running in Hove details can be downloaded here.

Bridge is a whist based, trick taking game, similar to Hearts, which many computers have pre loaded. Many people claim that it is the king of card games! And yes, poker players, certain forms of bridge can involve betting!

Twenty one players on January 14

Samantha Beaumont and Jack Petrou did a deal before the heads up started to take £73.50 each after a long battle across three tables. Callum Scott took the bronze medal position and £42 and Jonno Vulture Cook in fourth won £21. Our bubble was Rosario.

Sam beats twenty in bonus points week