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July 2017 news

Eden is our latest finals champion

Eden Cragg won our Phoenix Pub Poker’s 24th grand final on Sunday, July 2 at The Avenue Bridge Club, Hove. He entered the top table as chip leader and expert play made him very hard to deal with, with repeated position raises. The heads up was a short affair against Peter Woodcock, who managed to dodge the bullets and hold onto a small stack until the last phase. Just prior to the heads up, Eden had got a double kill by despatching Callum Scott and Jonathan Cook with pocket kings. Jonno had done an under the gun all in raise with Kojak, he was relatively low stacked and needed a blind steal. This slammed into Callum Scott’s QQ and Eden’s KK. The KK prevailed.

Fourth win on the trot for Lee Negus

Yet again, Lee Negus conquered all comers at the Bridge Club. It was bonus points week as well, with 18 runners. The final hand was 9h8h against Eden Cragg’s Qh9d. The flop contained both Q and 8, but an 8 on the river landed Lee the victory. In third was Harry Mutter, who retook top league spot and in fourth, Dan Brincak.

It was good to welcome Dennis Foster and Sandra Cresdee as new players.

Daughter’s tribute tattoo to her mum, Claire

Rosa, the daughter of Claire Sansom, who passed away in 2016 (and was a regular player in our league), has commissioned a tattoo with the Queen of Hearts, forget-me-not flowers and the hold’em ‘All-In’ phrase as a tribute to her mum.

Above is a picture of Claire after her win at the Avenue Bridge Club in March 2015. I remember it fondly, as it was her first win with us.   

Callum’s Red Nose auction nightjar safari

Callum Scott treated his family to a walk on the wildside as a result of bidding in the Avenue Bridge Club’s Red Nose Day event. The trip was led by Jonno, who took them to Ipping Common national nature reserve, near Midhurst.

The stars of the show were four nighjars who displayed close to the party after dusk. The white handkerchiefs attract the birds, as they think they are rival males. Callum’s headgear did the trick this time.

Four table start with a Ryan Parker win

Twenty six players competed on July 26 at the Avenue Bridge Club. Ryan Parker started running hot just prior to the top table when his suited connecting 3/4 hit gold against Jonno’s KQ push. He then went on to destroy six of the remaining ten players.  Ryan won £100 for his efforts.

The second, third and fourth players, Eden Cragg, Alfredo Mazzona and Vincento Fontanarosa respectively, decided to split the remaining pot of £150 three ways, getting £50 each.

The £10 stake excess was donated to Cancer Research UK in memory of Matt Boi’s mum.

It was great to see five five new players join us for the evening, word is getting round that we’re the hottest poker ticket in town on Monday nights.

He did what it says on his T-shirt and won the 18 player tournament on July 17. This was Alfredo’s second visit to the Bridge Club and the win propels him to the top of the Young Pretenders’ League.

Second was Sam Oversock Beaumont, cashing for the second week running, third Lee Negus, that’s five cashes on the trot from the star Southwick player and fourth, Milo Lopez, after a six month travelling break down under.

League leader Harry Mutter had a less successful night, busting first to Marek Buch.

Harry wins, whilst using his season’s joker

Harry Mutter made a significant step to securing the Overal league title on July 10 by winning a 19 player tournament whilst using his joker. Barry Freeman was second, and leads the Grand Masters’ league as a result, third Sam Beaumont and fourth Marek Buch.

Alfredo floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee