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July 2018 news

Sam and Slap Head take top spots

Straight flush in community cards!

According to the maths, the chances of having a straight flush in the five community cards in Hold’em in 1:64,974. Sandie Cresdee did just that on table three of our July 30 event.

The cards were the 5,6,7,8 and 9 of spades. Five players were in the action by the time the river card hit. Ryan Tanner put in a substantial 5k bet to represent the 10 of spades which prompted three hesitant callers. The fifth, Callum Scott, believing that one of the four actors had the golden card, folded. Nobody had the golden card, but an interesting hand!

Milo the chip beast conquers eighteen

His hair colour matched his eyebrows last time he won at The Avenue

First victory for Rosario Graziano

It’s been a long time coming for probably the tightest player on our books. Peter Metcalfe took the honours on July 15 after waiting since February 2017 for his last victory. Pocket threes won the heads up against Sam Beaumont with Matt Johnson in third. Peter came back from the dead during top table, but a series of double ups put him back into contention when the play was four ways.

Sam Beaumont won our July 30 tournament, a 17 player event with Joe Slap Head Winter taking second place.

Sam had to rebuy early, but dug deep and was edetermined to win the action.

Joe returned south, after a couple of years living in Cumbria, to join his old pals at The Avenue Bridge Club. An impressive start!

In third was John Hulme, cashing in only his second outing to Phoenix Pub Poker and Rosario Graziano took the money for fourth place.

The evening’s bubble boy was Kit Hinton.

A very early bath for league leader, Nick Jeffery for the second week running has tightened up the league table, with Sam hot on his heels.

Milo Lopez was running hot, VERY hot on July 23. Pocket eights were flopping sets against pocker jacks, rivers made straights and he accumulated sufficient chips on before the top table to dominate that action, raising weaker players into folding.

His position was so massive by the time it got three way that the remaining players, Kit Hinton and Rosario Graziona decided it best to do a deal between second and third for £45 each and leave Milo with the £72 winnings.

Fourth place was Ed Lynham and the tournament bubble girl was Sam Beaumont.

Rosario bagged his first Phoenix Pub Poker win on July 1 with pocket fours. This was the 16th tournament that Rosario had competed in at The Avenue Bridge Club and his performances have gradually improved in that period. He beat league leader, Nick Jeffery, in the heads up, with Daryl Hitchings coming third.