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June 2018 news

First blind AA v KK double up gifts Nick

Nick Jeffery managed a raise, reraise, all in in the first circuit of the table in our June 25 tournament with AA against Dan Bruncak’s pocket kings. This gave him the licence to call and actively play, executing six players in the 19 runner tournament.

His heads up was a brief affair against Jonno Vulture Cook. Nick called Jonno’s push with pocket threes, hitting a set on the flop.

Daryl Hitchings came third, with an A3 push against Nick’s Atand Tom Murray was in fourth.

Our bubble was Den Foster who overestimated the value of QJ suited against two all ins.

£190 in the pot was split £76, £57, £38 and £19 for first to fourth respectively.

Jill Armstrong, Callum Scott and Sam Beaumont decided to split the winning three ways after bubble boy, Dan Bruncak had left he building.

Jill came back from a very early set back to be chip leader after a series of executions. Callum’s tournament was helped immensely when holding JJ in big blind against Jonno’s A9 push and Sam’s pocket aces gave her a triple up from a lowly 8k early in the evening.

Daryl H and Peter B share the spoils

Peter Burdett was the man running hot in our June 4 tournament, killing half the field with a series of lucky rivers, audacious flopped straights and even flopping quads. In comparison Daryl played a highly cautious strategy, holding on, avoiding aggro and waiting for others to bust. When it got to head up, although Peter was chip leader, he generously offered the deal. In third was Orlando Lopez and on the bubble, Eden Cragg.

This was the first event of our Summer 2018 season.

Nick moves to top spot after June 11 win

The heads up battle was between Nick Jeffery and Dan Bruncak on the second week of our Summer 2018 season, with Nick eventually winning. Third placed was Sandie Cresdee and Jonathan Cook bubbled. It was an extraordinary come back for Dan, who lost his starting stack in the first hand, with Aces to Peter Burdett’s K6 flopped two pairs.

Peter Burdett somehow managed to treble his stack by the end of the first blind, losing all his gains by the first break.

Pot split three ways on Sunday June 17