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May 2017 news

A pic of Nick without those headphones!

Jonno’s lucky pants were in fine fettle

Ask any poker player whether they’d prefer to be skillful or lucky, most will plumb for the latter. The Vulture’s undergarments did not let him down several times on May 8 when he got involved in two significant pots as underdog to hit two straights on the river. After having a quiet first half of the tournament and being very short stack as the top table commenced, these hands provided the impetus to go on a win the event. In second was Peter Metcalfe, third Kit Hinton, fourth Louis Mockett with Nick Jeffery bubbling.

Eden beats a field of twenty one players

Lee Negus........ played two, won two!

Lee bossed the May 22 tournament, busting over half the players on his way to victory! The most spectacular was a double bust involving three players, all holding two hearts with three hearts in the community cards. Jonno Cook and Tony Roberts were his first victims. The heads up was a long affair against Barry Leadbetter. At one point it looked like Barry was going to win, but Lee clawed back. In third was Eden Cragg and fourth Gordon Davey. This was Lee’s second visit to the Avenue Bridge Club, the first in April also resulted in victory.

Our Spring 2017 season culminated in another win for Eden Cragg, heads up against Harry Mutter, with Sam Beaumont in third. This also gave Eden the highest player rating of the season. The overall league win went to Peter Woodcock, with top assassin Jonno Cook. The final league tables can be found here.

Monday June 5 sees the start of our Summer 2017 Season. Let battle commence, the slates are wiped clean!

Nick celebrated his bonus points week victory by taking his headphones off for the first time in months.

The May 1 heads up was a single hand affair against Orlando Lopez.

In third was The Vulture, fourth Harry Mutter and on the bubble Peter Metcalfe.

The win meant Nick claimed top spot in the Inbetweeners’ League, relegating double winner Dan Bruncak. Also, a relatively early bath for league leader, who pushed with pocket fives in SB to be called by Nick Jeffery’s pocket aces. That was not the only time the card gods were looking after Nick in the tournament, he pushed with a raggy couple of cards, was dominated by a call and hit trips on the river.

May 15  was a night of cloak and dagger poker, with most of the players still competing at 10:30pm. The top table started at 10k/20k blinds, so it had to be a bit of a ‘shove fest’’. Barry Leadbetter and Harry Mutter were dispatched in the first hand of the final eight, with John Wood following shortly to a Jonno push. Then the Vulture’s Lucky Pants had their magic moment beating Peter Woodcock’s QQ with TT. A ten appeared as the first card of the flop, dispatching our league leader to the bubble. Chip monstered Ryan Tanner got into some battles with Eden Cragg, coming off worse twice and exiting fourth. Kit Hinton held on to third position by avoiding trouble, and came third. The heads up was a one hand affair, Eden pushed with QJ, Jonno had no option other than call with 8T, nothing hit. This hots up the race for the season’s final two weeks, with the gap closing fast on Peter Woodcock!

Spring Season’s comes to a close