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May 2018 news

Four wins from eleven Spring Season games

Achieving a near 40% win rate is an awesome performance by Dan Bruncak during our Spring 2018 Season. The final tournament of the period was held on May 28 at the Avenue Bridge Club, with Dan heads up against Bob Davidson. He despatched seven players during the evening, including third placed Tim Kent. On the bubble was much improved player Callum Scott, who has learned that folding more often is a better strategy than what he was doing before! It was great to see Tim Kent back in action again, and he and Jonno were able to compare headware!

Spring 2018 Season’s final tables

The last table of our season is published here. The Overall winner, Grumpiest Grand Master, most top tables and highest player rating went to Jonno Vulture Cook. Kit Hinton took the Shift Worker title and top In Betweener. Dan Bruncak was top assassin and won the most tournaments. Milo Lopez was the best Young Pretender.

Both hit two pairs on the final hand!

It’s a cruel game. Den Foster and Jonno Vulture Cook were heads up in the May 21 event. Both hit two pairs in the ultimate hand of the evening, with Den taking the glory. He came back from the dead when it was four ways, knocking out bubble boy Nick Jefferyand then trebling up on a three way all in against Jonno and Sandie Cresdee, hitting a jack, when playing AJ when Jonno held an AK.

Well done Den. The stresses of poker can reward.

Lucky sevens for Milo Lopez

Our May 14 event was won by Milo Lopez, heads up against Sam Oversock Beaumont with Mark White in third. Jonno Vulture Cook was bubble boy, but his consolation prize was a very early batch for previous league leader, Kit Hinton. This placing put Jonno in the top league position.

Persistence eventually pays off for Callum

It’s taken 70 tournaments to register a victory for Callum Scott, who first played at the Avenue Bridge Club on April 18, 2016. He’s hit the cash places several times in the intervening period, but May 17, 2018 saw his first victory!

At one point he was down to just 4500 chips from the 40k starting stack, but he dug in, busted five players and had a run of great cards in the closing stages of the Bonus Points event.

The heads up against Peter Burdett was a fairly brief affair, with Callum’s pocket nines progressing to a heart flush by the river.

In third was Jonno Vulture Cook, whose AT push was beaten by Callum’s KK.

Our bubble boy was Kit Hinton, who clings onto his league lead as our Spring Season draws to its final few weeks.

Sandie and The Fisherman in final battle

The ultimate phase of our April 30 event saw Dan Bruncak execute three players in quick succession at the final table. This gave him 80% of the chips against Sandie Cresdee. But she battled hard and at one point, with the blinds at 15k/30k, got back to parity. Unfortunately for Sandie, Lady Luck turned and Dan hammered back in a few hands to win the tournament.

Third place was Dennis Foster and Barry Rebuy Freeman took the bubble.  

The spotty ones at the top were lucky for JC

Captain Lucky Pants invested in a new collection of undergarments earlier this month and so far the spotty ones have cashed three times on the trot! Second on April 9 and April 16 and winning on April 23.

In second out of 20 runners was Peter Burdett, third Sandie Cresdee, fourth, new member Ned Bowen with bubble girl Sam Oversock Beaumont.

Jonno had played a quietish tournament until the top table and was in a minnow position until a series of pairs and good aces gave him the edge