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November 2016 news

Happy fishing for Dan Bruncak against twenty seven players. And Pete goes top!

Dan Bruncak won this evening's 27 player bonus point tournament after a long heads up against The Vulture. He was chip leader going into the final phase with 75% of the haul. Jonno hit back and was briefly leading until his Kojak push was called by Dan's ten six! The fisherman got lucky again. A few more pushes put Jonno back into the game, but jack three did not hold. Dan won £100, Jonno £75, third Norman Kwan £50 and fourth Barry Leadbetter £25. On the bubble was Daryl Hitchings. £20 overage from the pot will go to a charity. If players would like to nominate a suitable good cause for when we get to £100 (or sooner if we don't get there soon), it's open to ideas.

The results also significantly changed the league tables, with Kit Hinton being knocked off top spot for the first time during the season, James Winfield overtook Nick Jeffery in the top assassin race and Adam Newman overtook Nick in the playr ratings.

Winning Winfield is our autumn champion

Congratulations James Winfield, winner of our Autumn 2016 final (he gets his name on the trophy for a second time) who beat Peter 'Pedro' Woodcock in the heads up with A4 against Pete's AQ (a four on the turn gave Sam Beaumont the Dodgy Dealer Badge for the tournament). An excellent third for Maria Cievka Tom who was playing for her sister Eva Bla Bla and fourth Orlando Lopez. On the bubble was Milo Lopez. Other top tablers were Kenny Gee, Jonathan Cook and Jamie Cleaver.

Ryan and Peter cash at UKAPP Grand Prix

UKAPP organised anotrher great event at Brighton’s Rendezvous Casino on November 12, with 87 players from various pubs and clubs in the area doing battle for a £2400 prize pot. Two Phoenix Pub Poker players top tabled with Ryan Tanner coming fourth, winning £250 and Peter Metcalfe fifth, winning £190. Congratulations Andy O’Donoghue who plays at The Heath, Haywards Heath with The Sussex Poker Club.

AA gets Eden Cragg his first Phoenix win

Eden Cragg won his first Phoenix Pub Poker tournament on November 14 with bullets against Peter Metcalfe. They split the remaining pot £73.50 each. Harry Mutter caused havoc amongst the big guns this evening with Sam Beaumont and Jonathan Cook included in his scalps and took home £42. Milo Lopez came fourth, winning £21. Bubble boy was Nick Jeffery.


Matt Johnson beats twenty one players

Matt Johnson won the season's penultimate tournament, winning £84 heads up against Luke Wheresthebar, who bagged £63. In third was Peter Metcalfe, earning £42 and fourth Daryl Hitchings £21. On the bubble was Milo Lopez and a slow played pair of jacks cost Callum Scott dearly in sixth, giving a significant stack to the eventual winner. This win puts Matt top of our Shiftworkers' League.

Good fishing again for Dan Bruncak

Dan won our Autumn 2016 season’s final tournament against 20 opponents and in doing so became the league runner up and winner of the Inbetweeners’ title. In doing so he won £70, a pot shared with Sam Beaumont (also £70). In third was Peter Metcalfe, who cashed yet again (£40), winning the Overall and Grand Masters’ trophy. In fourth was Eden Cragg (£20) who won the Young Pretenders’ title. Solid performances from Matt Johnson’s appearances gave him the Shiftworkers’ Cup and the Highest Player Rating Award. The cherished (by some) Assassin’s Trophy was won by James Winfield. The season’s final tables are here.