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November 2018 news

Wicked hand is Joe’s comeuppance!

A win for Ryan Tanner on November 26, with Sandie Cresdee and Catherine Diffey sharing the second/third place spoils. Our bubble was Peter Metcalfe, who won the Autumn League. No winner photo, I forgot, but the hand of the evening was Joe’s comeuppance! Ryan Tanner pushed all in with KK and hot running Joe Winter called with 89 off suit. A dream full house 889 flop was great for Joe until a king on the river spoilt his party.

In addition to winning the Overall League, Peter Metcalfe won the Grand Masters’ title, with Kit Hinton taking the Inbetweeners’ and Ryan Tanner the Young Pretenders’.

Joe Winter was our top assassin, with 25 kills and he also won the most money, £220. He also was our Shift Worker champion, getting more league points in his first six events of the season. The tables are here.

Hot Winter’s on a roll, it’s climate change!

He’s either changed his playing range or the card gods are smiling on Joe at the moment. Another win for our Slap Head has notched up an impressive £222 returns from £70 stakes in the seven tournaments he’s played this season. An impressive rate of return. November 19 saw him assassinate 60% of the field and seemed unstoppable from the start. W finished nearly an hour early due to his killing field! The heads up was against Nick Jeffery, with Peter Metcalfe in third. Sam Beaumont was our bubble. Peter’s third place takes him to top league spot after Kit Hinton’searly bath.

Kit and Barry share the top spot spoils

Eighteen players battled our November 12 event with Kit Hinton and Barry Leadbetter taking home £63 each after all others had been knocked out.

In third was Catherine Differ who won the event a fortnight ago and bagged £36.

In fourth was Joe Winter, who had entered the top table in a chip monster position, but a few too many unwise calls diminished his dominance. Joe took home £18.

The night’s bubble girl was Sandie Cresdee.

Ryan and Bazzer have a sparkling Nov 5th

Barry Rebuy Freeman and Ryan Tanner shared the first and second place pots in  our Bonfire Night tournament. In third was Peter Metcalfe and Jonno Vulture Cook bubbled. The two finalists had a massive battle at the halfway stage. Bazzer’s push with AK was called by Ryan’s 99s. A first flop card King looked good for Barry, but the third card was a nine as was the river.