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November 2019 news

Three way split & 4th takes Autumn title

Our final tournament of Phoenix Pub Poker’s Autumn 2019 season, played on November 25 saw 19 players do battle. A cagey top table saw Dan Bruncak, Jess Guy and Steve Bellingham share the spoils of £57 each after Jonno Cook busted fourth with £19. The blinds had reached 30k/60k and there was no clear leader at that stage, so a deal was sensible. Our bubble was Beccy Williams, who had approached top table as the chip monster.

Jonno’s fourth place meant he leapfrogged Joe Winter and Rosario Graziona into top league placing, the other two having early baths.

The final league table can be viewed here, but of note

Jonno Cook - Overall League and Grand Master

Alexander Kollari Turner - Shiftworker title for first six games and Top Young Pretender

Rosario Graziona - Inbetweeners’ title and most top tables

Joe Slap Head Winter - Highest cash winnings of £266 and most kills (21)

Joe Slap Head Winter hammers it out

Nick’s killing spree pays dividends

Our November 11 event saw 19 players, five new, with an influx from the University of Sussex Poker Club. Nick Jeffery came top, winning £76, heads up verses Joe Winter, whose £57 winnings made him the top cash winner this season at £190, third Alex KT and fourth Raul Sasaran. On his route to victory, Nick executed ten opponents.

Care in the community & Young Gun winner

It was hardly a premium hand, but The Hammer (72) was sufficient for Joe Winter to rule our November 18 tournament and take home £76 for his troubles after the blinds reached 30k/60k. The heads up was a fairly long stint between Sandie Cresdee and Slap Head, with Joe eating into Sandie’s chip dominance, after being close to being busted a few hands before. Sandie won £57, Carol Burtenshaw, £38 for third and Steve Powell £19 for fourth. Our bubble was Mike Burtenshaw.

Three new players again tonight gave great feedback.

Raul Sasauran won our 19 player tournament on November 4, 2019, after coming back from a chip deficit in the heads up to beat Jonno Vulture Cook. In third, cashing for the second week running was Steve Powell and in fourth Dez Fry. Wnnings were £76, £57, £38 and £19 respectively. The table draw in the evening produced an interesting battle on table one, giving the Tournament Director plenty of headaches in keeping the game moving, reminding of blinds, shuffling, sorting pots and the like.