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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs Phoenix Pub Poker

Fantastic Texas Hold’em poker tournaments for

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October 2016 news


Autumn Final

Sunday, November 13

Avenue Bridge Club,


Doors open 13:00hrs, Register by 13:30hrs


Like buses, The Coach’s wins come in twos

Peter The Coach Woodcock and Eden Cragg shared the final two place pots this evening with the former winning the heads up for the second week running. In third was Dan Bruncak and fourth Matt Johnson. On the bubble was Kenny Gee who walked into a Woodcock set twice in the event, the first when Ken had raised with his infamous 82, Pete was holding 88, and an 8 flopped. The dodgiest deal of the night benefitted Joey Newman, who pillaged Jamie Cleaver's first set of chips. Small blind cleaver pushed with pocket tens called by Joey, in big blind, holding aces! Our league leader, Kit Hinton, bust first, so the evening tightened the table.

Pete uses the Bazzers as Luke sees double

..............Hallowe’en horror for The Cleaver!

Nick’s our prize pumpkin and .....................

October 31's prize pumpkin, celebrating his Hallowe'en win, was Nick Jeffery, second Ryan Tanner, third, Milo Lopez and fourth Eden Cragg. On the Hubble Bubble toil and trouble was Adam Newman who lost a chip dominating position on the final table. Somehow, Jamie Cleaver bust 14t after a collapse in his 100k plus stack. Also of note was Callum Scott's first cash winnings with us, claiming a fiver for his pocket kings in the side order of horror bingo. Twenty players enjoyed a fun and spooky evening, with the top table starting in candle light.

Peter Woodcock won our October 17 tournament with Barry Freeman’s beloved hand. Perhaps it was fate after Pete bust Bazzer first in the event. Luke the Beer Austin did his best to deplete the Bridge Club’s stock of Foster’s, partially recorded by this arty photo by Kenny Gee.