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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs Phoenix Pub Poker

Fantastic Texas Hold’em poker tournaments for

just £13 an evening

Poets' Corner league

Autumn 2013








Warwick Hart

Ollie Winks

Pavel  Matty Matysek

Sam Oversock Beaumont

Jonno Vulture Cook

Jack The Lad Yates

Greg The Buddha Harrington

Kemble Nagan

Adam Newman

Chloe The Reaper Putman

Louis Iceman Mockett

Matt Mr Luck Jones

Dan ZT Papworth

Lee 9T Millward

Rob The Hitman Scott

Karl Gillingham

Tony Barnsley Simmonds

Ben Loom

James Winfield

Joe Slap Head Winter

Caroline Mulliner

Andrew Boyd

Linda LB Brewer

Lewis Chunks Cornish

Andy Lambinator Lamb


Simon Sockman Beaumont

Dec Mooney

Dave Pursley

Styx Steel

JC Experiment


Nick Floridia


Jamie 9 Lives Cleaver

Rob Donald


Ken George

John Smethurst

Tamara Davidson

James Mortimer


Grand Total

The pie chart above indicates the strength of Warwick’s games at the Poets’ Corner this season. It measures the quartile finish in each tournament. In a sixteen player event, a player finishing in the top four would be in Quartile 1, fifth to eighth Quartile 2, ninth to twelfth in Quartile 3 and thirteenth to sixteenth in Quartile 4.

For an ‘at a glance’ list of our league and other title winners please go to our Wall of Fame

The Poets’ Corner is perhaps Phoenix Pub Poker’s toughest venue, with a wide array of loose aggressives playing the ‘modern’ style of poker.

Warwick Hart came out top gun. His single victory was memorable as he had a heavy cold that evening and there is a theory that he scared his oponents through the estate agent’s nasal stream.  He killed half the 16 player field that evening, which also helped propel him to the league’s top assassin.

Warwick has a loose passive style of play, be wary if the flop has two suits, he loves to chazse a flush. He finsihed in the top quartile in nearly half his tournaments and in the top half in over 80%.

Sam Oversock Beaumont wsas the only competitor to score two vistories at Thursday’s venue and Pavel Matty Mateysek was our top rated player.

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