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Our Royal Flush Club

Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace suited is the top poker hand that all players dream of. The Royal Flush! It happens rarely and if it occurs, we stop our game clock to take a photo and have a celebration.

Many players have played for years and not seen it, let alone enjoyed it themselves! The chances of having the monster hand 649,740 : 1 or 0.000154%.

This page celebrates those instances:

A flopped diamonds Royal Flush for The Vulture

Jonno’s call with KJ diamonds at The Poets’ Corner on April 12, 2011 preceded a flop of T, Q, and A of diamonds. Only Lee Millward (SB) 150 and Louis Mockett (BB) 300 were in the hand. Alas the community card’s texture did not entice the blinds to bet, so The Vulture only took the blinds, even with a small two thirds of the pot bet on the river.

This is the third time Jonno has hit the big hand. A hearts RF at The Windmill in 2010 and a clubs version at the Royal George in 2011. On both those occasions he won decent chip totals from Sam Beaumont and Matt Boi respectively.

J3 big blind lands a Royal Flush for Pretty Boy!

An unraised preflop hand of Jack Three suited looked very promising when he flopped the flush with King Ten Queen spades in the early stages of the May 9, 2011 tournament at the Harbour View.

There was no betting action on the flop or turn. An ace on the river was the golden card, giving him the big hand. He managed to get a call from Sam Beaumont on the river with a minimum bet.

Jay went on to come third in the 13 player tournament. Nice one Pretty Boy!

Alas, Jamie Nine Lives Cleaver wasn’t there to see his favourite pre flop hand land the biggun. But text exchanges happened to let him know what he had missed.

John Bown joins the Phoenix Royal Flush Club

John Bown got the biggun at The Mile Oak on Sunday, June 17, 2011 to become only the third player to join the elite Phoenix Pub Poker Royal Flush Club.

Holding AJ diamonds the flop came K diamonds, Q diamonds and 3 spades, a ten of diamonds on the turn gave him the Royal Flush.

Unlike the previous Royal Flush Club winners, John won heftily with this hand as he was facing All Ins against Sam Oversock Beaumont and Louis Mocket in the hand. The other winners, who got theirs in the early stages of their tournaments, Jonno Vulture Cook, who flopped the beastie, only picked up the blinds and Jay Pretty Boy Loudon little more. John’s 33,000 all in at the 3000/6000 blind stage, tripled up to 99,000!

John Wood hits big at the Poets’ Corner!

Our very own Captain Birds Eye, John Wood, got a Royal Flush at The Poets’ Corner on October 25, 2012.

His hole cards of KcQ? Lead to him raising and calls  from James Winfield and Andy Minja Clements.   Jc, Ac and Qc flop, promising, but slightly scary board. A 7c on the turn gave him the nut flush and the river Tc provided the monster hand.

The game was at the 150/300 blind stage of a 17 player tournament with betting action at all stages. Winfield baled out on the turn, but Wood extracted a further 2k from The Minja on the river. The four cards gave Andy, holding Kd, the straight. John won a pot of around 15k (starting stack 20k) and set him up nicely to come third in the overall tournament and take him back to the top of the Overall League lead.

The Buddha hits his first live Royal Flush

According to iPhone App PKRCruncher, all in betting with AQ suited against another AQ suited normally results in an 86% chance of a split pot the remaining 14% split evenly for a flush, 7% each way. Well the poker gods were shining on Greg The Buddha Harrington at the Royal George on June 17 when he pushed all in with AdQd against Barry Rebuy Freeman’s previous raise. Bazzer called with AhQh. The pot was 36,000 in the mid stages of the tournament. Kd and Td on the flop gave Greg hope of a flush with the remaining two community cards. A Jd on the river gave Greg the biggun. Mr Harrington now joins the Phoenix Pub Poker Royal Flush Club!

Greg’s second Royal Flush in six weeks!

Sunday, July 28 saw Greg The Buddha Harrington get his second RF in six weeks, this time the nicest, spades! Holding AsJs, the community cards flopped QsTsKs. Sweet!

Whether Greg was helped by the Buddha Power of his card protector, or by his trusty companion Max, that is a mystery.

This is only the sixth Royal Flush in Phoenix Pub Poker, and Greg is the first player to get the big hand twice.

It was in the tournament’s early phase at The Mile Oak Inn. Greg had Louis Mockett, who hit a straight, betting into him throughout and went onto win the event.

Pavel hits at the Poets’

It’s nice to get a Royal Flush and even better to get paid for it! That’s what happened at the Poets’ Corner for Pavel Matysek who won a 40,000 pot at the 300/600 blind levels on August 29, 2013. He was against Warwick Hart, who was a league contender who was holding a 9c when the community cards included Ac, Kc, Jc and Tc!

Pavel went onto coming send in the tournament and it really hit Warwick’s challenge for the league winner’s placing.

This makes Pavel the sixth member of Phoenix Pub Poker’s Royal Flush Club.  And it was only his second phoenix Pub Poker tournament. Many have competed in hundreds and not achieved the elusive hand!

Well played!

Hearts Royal Flush for The Vulture

Jonno got the big hand in hearts on October 6, 2013 at the Mile Oak. He raised preflop to 1000 when the blinds were at 50/100. Two callers Greg and Rob wanted business. AhTh on the flop and Jh on the turn gave The Vulture the straight flush. Hoping others had hit he checked until the river when he put in a cheeky red chip. Alas no callers.

This is Jonno’s  fourth live RF, two in hearts, one in clubs and one in diamonds. The spades hand still alludes him.

Norman Kwan hit the biggun on June 23, 2015 and joined the exclusive Phoenix Pub Poker Royal Flush Club! He flopped the nuts flush and then it improved to a Royal on the turn. Better still, loose aggressive Joe Winter was betting into him. Kerching! To see other Royal Flush Moments.

Norman hits the Royal Flush in spades

James maxes a Royal Flush hand

September 21, 2015 will be a Red Letter Day for James Winfield.

At our 500/1000 blind level he raised AJ suited in BB to 3000, getting two callers, under the gun Jonno Cook and positioned mid table Matt Boi. James flopped the nut flush and betted another 3000, Jonno folded his pair, but Matt called. A queen of hearts on the turn gifted James his first live Royal Flush!

About 50,000 chips were in the pot by the time Matt called James’ river bet after some great cross table chat from the holder of the monster hand. Matt was holding AK, the ten on the river gave him two pairs with an ace kicker.