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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs Phoenix Pub Poker

Fantastic Texas Hold’em poker tournaments for

just £13 an evening

Shiftworkers' league

Summer 2013






James Winfield

Matt Boi

Dave Pursley

Steve James

Lee Sticky Moment Mitten

Luke The Beer Austin

Jamie 9 Lives Cleaver

Dan ZT Papworth

Ben Loom

Barry Rebuy Freeman

Andy Lambinator Lamb

Jason The Hat Southon

Rob Donald

Ryan Baird

Grand Total

This was the inaugral season of the Shiftworkers’ League, a competition that we think is unique to Phoenix Pub Poker. It is designed especially for players with erratic work commitments who are unable to consistently attend a single venue for a pop at a quarterly league title. The points in this league are accumulated over all venues for the player’s first 13 games. Bonus and joker points are excluded from this league’s numbers.

James Winfield led the table from the start and got five victories in a hot patch early in the season. Matt Boi put up an attack in the final weeks of the season, but his fight fizzled in his last two games with early baths at unfamiliar venues.

Several others, including Dave Pursley and Lee Mitten, made good attempts at this title and spiced things up through the weeks.  

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