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Poets' Corner league

Winter 2011/12








Andy Minja Clements

Matt Mr Luck Jones

Rob The Hitman Scott

Tony Barnsley Simmonds

Lee Millward

James Winfield

Rob Donald

Jonno Vulture Cook

Jamie 9 Lives Cleaver

Ken George

Richard McGregor

Max Hellicar

Tony Harvey

Lewis Spratt

A N Other J H


Grant Lean

Joe Richardson

Damien Burke

Sam Oversock Beaumont

Nathan Foulds

Gary Knowles


Torin Harrison


Russel Baars


Matt Gurr

Sam The Claw Clements

Justin Gill

Chris Darvill


Luke The Beer Austin

Nick Floridia


Joe Hooper


Anthony Overton


John Bown




D J Russell


Nick Downs


Dan ZT Papworth


Lee Negus

Adam Francis


Grand Total

Congratulations Andy Clements for winning the Poets’ Corner, his first league win in five years of playing Hold’em. Andy led the table from week one and even drove through driving rain from a Suffolk family holiday in order not to miss an evening. A credible four wins in thirteen tournaments is rarely done. Andy’s style was to play a wide range of hands in the opening phases of the tournament, normally straddling under the gun and tightening to a duck’s arse style on top table.

Perhaps his hero fold of the season was folding pocket aces pre flop as he didn’t fancy them.

Andy’s tournament ratings for the Poets’ Corner are shown on the pie chart below.

He outperformed all contenders in the league on measured stats with the exception of kills, which Rob The Hitman Scott took under his wing.

Special mention should also go to Matt Mr Luck Jones who gave Andy a run for his money through the season. The highlight of Matt’s season was his all in of 9T spades in big blind, when The Vulture had called under the gun with QQ. An all spades flop of 7,8 and J gave him a straight flush!  

The pie chart above indicates the strength of Andy’s games at the Poets’ Corner this season. It measures the quartile finish in each tournament. In a sixteen player event, a player finishing in the top four would be in Quartile 1, fifth to eighth Quartile 2, ninth to twelfth in Quartile 3 and thirteenth to sixteenth in Quartile 4.

Andy not only won four tournaments, he ended in the top half in nearly in two thirds of the events and never busted in the early stages of the tournament.

Overall league

Winter 2011/12

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Poets’ Corner Winter 2011/12

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