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Monday evenings at The Avenue Bridge Club, 
Third Avenue, Hove, Brighton & Hove 19:45hrs Phoenix Pub Poker

Fantastic Texas Hold’em poker tournaments for

just £13 an evening

Phoenix Pub Poker runs events professionally, creating a fun, safe and competitive environment for all.  They can bring 12/32 more customers to your establishment on nights that would otherwise be quiet. Our usual nights have 16 to 24 attendees. Participants range from complete novices to experienced players. We have been running these events for 15 years and know how to deliver great poker tournaments.         

  To be successful, poker tournaments need your commitment to work combined with partnering with a good organiser. It takes personality and professionalism.  Our hosts are selected to be not only organised, but welcoming to the participants.   Like you, we want players to return for more, that is why we always focus on providing great atmosphere.  We use smart communication tools to keep players interested in the league and wanting more. This website is regularly updated and we use social media and texts effectively.        

This can work for you!  We are seeking venues in  Worthing contact Jonathan Cook on 07854 060720 or email

Why not see us in action to see if you think it could work at your place?  To see where we currently play poker near Worthing click here.

Texas Hold'em in Worthing

Poker and the law - licensees' responsibilities  

Strict laws apply to playing poker on licensed premises. They vary depending on the type of establishment you operate, a pub, a members' club or private club. Guidelines can be found at the Gambling Commission's website and it is worth checking the situation with your licensing officer at the local council. Your license is at risk if you allow games to be played outside the limits. Adur and Worthing Council have a useful advice page at